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Emergency Fire Performance, 1974 (?), Design: Richard Nonas, “A handsome poster by Richard Nonas. There was a fire in a building occupied by many artists including Richard Landry and Tina Girouard. This poster was made for a benefit concert to help raise some money for them." coll. JG

Philip Glass Ensemble, Moma Oxford, 1975 (?), Brice Marden painting, “Handsome Brice Marden poster used for a concert in Oxford, England and elsewhere.”, coll. JB

Philip Glass Ensemble, Princeton, 1976, coll. JG

Poster Bob Wilson/Philip Glass, Einstein on the Beach, 1976, Choreography by Andrew de Groat, Photograph by R. Landry, Signed by Philip Glass, “Probably the original Einstein on the Beach poster. Photo by Richard Landry. Signed by Philip Glass”, coll. JG

Poster Lucinda Childs/Philip Glass, Poster design based on drawing by L. Childs, October-November, 1979, Teatro Nazionale, Milano, “From the “Dance” tour with Lucinda Childs Dance Co.”, coll. JG

The Great Outdoors, 1976, "Another poster using Gibson graphics. This was a very successful program that Nancy Topf and I did internationally around this time. We used my visuals (slides, video) and music as well as solo dancing by Nancy.", coll. JG

Joan Jonas, 1973 (?),"Very nice Joan Jonas poster", coll. JG

Poster PS1"Dance Text", coll. JG

New Music, New York, 1979, design Richard Serra, “Interesting good quality poster by Richard Serra of the first New Music America Festival, 1979, in which I and many others performed.", coll. JG