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Keith ROWE

Before driving..., 1966/27 janvier 2001
Huile sur toile
Collection particulière
" Before driving to the chapel we took coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed" is its full title, the chapel referred to is the Rothko
chapel Houston. This image is also part of the Cage Silence series, here where the space between objects is realised as more
important than the objects themselves (cadmium yellow).

AMM Unknown Object, 1966/13 mars 2001
Huile sur toile
Collection particulière
This is the first AMM image. It relates to the unknown object (chrome Yellow light hue) sitting on the edge of a flat world,
this flat world (pre AMM) exist before the realisation that it could be different (post AMM), the unknown object might
variously be the listener that we do not know, anything we do not know, or AMM itself.

AMM Yellow Truck (Elektra Version), 1966/13 mars 2001
Huile sur toile
Collection particulière
" The Yellow lorry is delivering AMMmusic to the world" that's how the image was first arrived at (yellow being the colour
of AMM, here cadmium lemon). The image contained references to the work of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky (AMM's study topic
at the time) referencing the " law of three" (triads) Carbon / Nitrogen / Oxygen, on the truck we have three sets of wheels,
at the front wheels that set the direction ( harmonic / piano?) in the centre the propulsion ( percussion ?) and at the rear
the load bearing wheels ( guitar continuo ?) though at any moment these roles might be shuffled.

Harsh Clipscape, 22 janvier 2001
Huile sur toile
Collection particulière
Clipscape is part of the " Harsh" series which in turn is part of the guitar portraits, (this one is of the Harmony model H-79
used on the " Harsh recording" the image references the extreme foreground / background found in Bill Brandt's photography,
the sky is Nash, the strings refer to David Tudor version of Cage's Variation II in cartoon form.

AMM Radio, 1966/25 janvier 2001
Huile sur toile
Collection particulière
The work is part of the references to John Cage and Silence,
We think nothing is coming out of the radio, being yellow (lemon yellow) its an AMM Silence.