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Steve Reich, Drumming, First Performance, 1971, "Poster for the premiere of Steve Reich’s masterpiece Drumming. One copy still in original mail tubing.", coll. JG

Steve Reich, Drumming, part 4 (score), Drummig (vinyl), Published by John Gibson + Multiles, New York & Los Angeles, 1972, coll. FB

Steve Reich, Octet /Music For A Large Ensemble / Violin Phase, Recorded February and March 1980, ECM New Series 1168, coll. FB Gerard Deluxe, Spiral Architect, 1997, crft rec. 26, coll. FB

Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion, Music in Fifths, 1969, Chatham Square Productions, 1973. cover drawing by Alan Saret, coll. FB

Philip Glass, Festival d’automne, 1973, “Handsome poster with Alan Seret drawing made for an early Glass Ensemble concert in Paris.”, coll.JG

Castelli Poster, Concert May 13, 1972, Signed by Richard Serra and Philip Glass, “This poster was made by Richard Serra to announce an Ensemble concert at the Castelli Gallerry at 420 West Broadway on May 13, 1972. The poster is made on very high quality paper and is similar to the type of print Serra continues to make - a very dark charcoal-like surface. Signed by Serra and Glass”, coll. JG

Poster, 1974, design: J. Dupuy, “Great high quality poster by Jean Dupuy made for an early Glass Ensemble concert.”, coll. JG